Iroda Single Tools - SolderPro 100
Iroda Single Tools - SolderPro 100 IRODA Soldering Irons and Switches Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, KL, Singapore. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | Pacific Radio (M) Sdn Bhd


Equivalent to a power range 30-100 watts. Cordless, simple, safe operation anywhere. Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition. Tank contains fuel for 120 minutes of operation. No cords, can be used anywhere. No electrical interference. Comes with soldering tip and protective cap.
Length w/Cap 233 mm (9.2 in)
Length w/Soldering tip 215 mm (8.5 in)
Weight (when gas-filled) 142 g
Approximate temperature soldering tip 250∼500°C (480∼950°F)
Torch 1300°C (2400°F)
Gas container capacity 20 ml
Operating capacity (one gas filling) 120 min. at mid setting

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