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ALL IN ONE COLUMN SYSTEM           (M-A3 Not Available in Europe)

The M-A3 / M-A5 system is a compact, active and modular all-in-one system. It is the perfect solution for musicians and DJs as well as presentations and events with sophisticated music playback. 

Since no cables and stands are required, this plug-and-play system can be set up and dismantled very easily and quickly.

The 4.1 channel five-way active system generates a clear, dynamic and balanced sound throughout the frequency range of this system.The array configuration ensures greater coverage with very well-balanced sound distribution even in the farthest corners of the venue.

The M-A3 / M-A5, which combines PA system with monitoring system,guarantees the same sound experience for both audience and musician.The system can be easily moved from site to site. 

Since both M-A3 and M-A5 is equipped with MIC and MP3/Hi-Z input, mixer is not necessary for small-scale venues.Compared with M-A3, the power rating of M-A5 is doubled.

Just plug in your mixer and you are ready to go!



1.HIFI-level sound quality

HIFI-level sound quality plus elegant appearance enable the product to express a low-profile but elegant luxurious makings and also to integrate smoothly into various application environments.

2.Less Components

Normally a complex system is composed of a full range loudspeaker, a subwoofer, a monitoring loudspeaker, brackets and a bunch of connecting wire. While the M-A3 / M-A5 that features wide frequency response and high SPL capability will greatly contribute to cost savings by replacing those complex systems. Additionally, it also adopts a unique acoustics construction to avoid MIC feedback.

 3.Easy To Use

After simple training, anyone is able to operate M-A3 / M-A5 via two volume knobs (woof / full frequency) while having one power line and one signal wire plugged in. The M-A3 / M-A5, compared with those of complex wiring and high operational requirements, greatly contributes to saving use-cost.

4.Good Portability

M-A3 / M-A5 consists of three modules, which are one subwoofer and two column speakers.
They can be assembled and dismantled within seconds due to patent socket technology.Being matched with a backpack for the column speaker and truckle rack for the subwoofer (optional) , the system can be easily moved from site to site, which greatly contributes to cost saving.



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