Kaise KF-20 Analogue Multimeter
Kaise KF-20 Analogue Multimeter KAISE Analogue Multimeter Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, KL, Singapore. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | Pacific Radio (M) Sdn Bhd
Basic Features :

20,000Ω/V DC, 10,000Ω/V AC
Holster with test lead holder
Basic and useful analog multitester

General Specifications
 Power Supply  1.5V R6P or AA Batteries  ×  1
 Fuse  F12 (0.3A/250V / 5.2Φ× 20mm£© x 1
 Dimensions   136(H) × 90(W) × 30(D)mm
 Weight  215g 

 100-51 Test Lead (x 1), Holster, Spare Fuse (x 1),
 Battery (1.5V R6P x 1), Instruction Manual”” 

 Optional Accessories

 100-41 Test Lead Kit

 100-62 Test Lead Set
 940 Alligator Clips  948 Alligator Clips
 793 Coil-Type Contact Pin   


Measurement Specifications
”” Range Internal Resistance Tolerance
DC Voltage


20kΩ/V ±3% f.s.
AC Voltage


10kΩ/V ±4% f.s.
DC Current



±3% f.s.



- ±3% f.s. length
Battery Test

1.5V R20P/R14P/R6P
Hi range : 250mA loading / Lo range : 50mA loading

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